What a great day today.  Started out with a really nice interval session this morning…chose to not go outside as I wanted to stay close to home today, just in case, so 8x600m intervals on the treadmill it was!

Got off to an inauspicious start, as I managed to set my interval workout on my watch just fine, but confused selecting the workout I had just created with STARTING the workout – something easily done when I’m paying more attention to not falling off the treadmill then getting my watch started properly.  Realized after about a km into my warmup that I hadn’t actually STARTED the warmup in the workout…d’oh!

Once again, do kilometres run, but not tracked, actually count?  haha….

Once the watch was sorted, the actual interval workout went really well and really flew by.  The one thing I love about doing intervals on the treadmill (besides not having to deal with last week’s wind) is having the pace for the speed intervals consistent.  I don’t have to worry about, “am I running this interval fast enough” as it is very easy to tell that when you’re on the treadmill.  Have I been thrown into the wall behind my treadmill?  No?  Great!!!  Must be running fast enough!!!

Nicest thing about finishing the treadmill workout is, when I was done, my wife told me I had a package waiting.  Really???  Could it be???

Yes!!!  It was the new shoes I had ordered Monday night…arriving Wednesday morning – that was FAST!!!


I’m really excited about the new shoes, Hoka One One Clifton 4s.  I was excited, not because of the new shoe factor (which is always fun, is it not?) but in that this is the first WIDE width Hoka that I’ve had the pleasure of trying.  I’ve been running in Hokas for almost 4 years now, first trying the Stinson, then running in all three previous versions of the Clifton, as well as the Bondi 4 and 5 models, and have always made-do with the fact that the shoes have always been JUST wide enough for my feet, but a little more room would probably have been nice.  I’ve got some amazingly-sized bunions on each of my feet, so occasionally will blister on the underside of them on long runs.

Well, those bunions (and the rest of my feet) now get that little bit more room!  Not only are they possibly the nicest looking and sharpest colour way I’ve had in a pair of Hokas, but that bit of extra breathing room in the width seemed really nice in my trying them on this morning.

I’ve got an 8k easy run tomorrow morning to try, so might take them for a spin to test them out tomorrow, and will probably do a review of them down the road as well (no pun intended!!)