…because I'm just as blind outdoors…


IMG_1257Hey, my name is Tim.  I’m a forty-something husband, father to two girls, and an active disabled person.  I’ve titled this blog, because that’s me in a nutshell.  I’ve been diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa.  To put it simply, I have almost no peripheral vision (about 5-10% total visual field) as well as no low light vision….but I haven’t let that hold me back in life, and try to keep as active as possible.

This site is primarily going to encompass all the active and outdoors-y stuff that I’m into.  Posting will be primarily running, rock climbing, camping, canoeing and travel-related escapades, but you might see a little bit of everything on here.

I’ve been running since March of 2012, primarily as a way to get healthy, and to aid in weight loss.  I figured you don’t see fat people running, so seemed to be the best way to aid in my fitness goals.  Started to get serious in the fall of 2012 after listening to a Nerdist podcast where they talked to Anthony Edwards (ep. 276 from Oct 29, 2012 to be exact).  One of the topics was Anthony’s fondness for running, and they talked about just how “easy” training and running a marathon could be.

I never saw myself as a distance runner….I enjoyed running, but thought those that ran far/long were mental…just wasn’t for me.  Listening to that podcast somehow changed it.  Training for a marathon seemed to be something that anyone…even I could do.  Liking a challenge that most people wouldn’t even consider, my marathon training began.

I’m hoping this website can be a way for me to inspire others with disabilities to get out there and not let their disabilities hold them back.  There are so many great ways to adapt and enjoy an active lifestyle, and I’m hoping this website can be one way to show others just what is possible!

Thanks for visiting, I hope to update the site regularly, so check back soon!

If you would like to connect with me my social media links are on the top right corner of the webpage.


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