Well, I THINK I’m coming through the holiday period unscathed.  Well into my taper now, and it was oh so nice to have a “long” run of 20k on Sunday.  Nothing interesting to see or share from that one, since it was 20k on the treadmill, but got it done either way.  We got a bunch of snow/ice conditions here, and this close to the race I don’t want to risk a slip/fall and possible injury, as that would then make for a very expensive slip!  So played it safe, and on the treadmill I went.

So one more week and I’ll be winging my way to Florida, this time next week we should be somewhere over Pennsylvania, or possibly West Virginia, and it is finally hitting home that I’ll be in Florida in a week!!!  I tell you, training for a run, or going on a vacation that is shortly after Christmas is pretty amazing….you’re doing so much holiday prep that the actual trip just sneaks up on you, you don’t even really realize it’s coming!

Should be a quiet rest of the week, my kids drove to Florida with my parents, so it’s just my wife and I.  We will do some puttering around the house to clean up some of the holiday that accumulates, then of course start packing for the trip.

Oh, and there will still be a bit of running in there too to get ready.  Just not nearly as much as there has been!

Don’t know how much I’ll be able to share while at Disney, but I’ll try to update as often as I can…and will hopefully have some great video to share when I get back!