It’s the most…wonderful time….of the year!!!!

So goes a line from one of the most famous holiday classics, yet could be also written for pretty much anyone that has trained for any sort of endurance event.  The weeks and months of hard work have been put in, now it’s time to enjoy the fruits of those labours and start tapering!

Long run on Sunday was all done on a treadmill…yep…31km, spanning about 3:17.  Was hoping for a full 32, but nature called in a really bad way towards the end, and by the time I was forced to finish, I wasn’t going back on the ‘mill for another kilometre….close enough!

I shot a bit of video during the run, though the view isn’t anything exciting, you can click on the YouTube link in the top right corner of the page to check the video out (and others like it too!)

I’ve been training this fall for the 2018 Dopey challenge, and in a few short weeks will be jetting my way to (hopefully) sunny Orlando, Florida to participate in my second runDisney event, and first Dopey Challenge.

Looking back on my training, it went really, really well!  This was probably the best training cycle that I’ve had from an overall how I’ve felt standpoint.  I’ve hit pretty much every working, putting in the distance, pace and times that I should be, but I’ve felt stronger and have recovered a lot faster than I have in the past.

Not sure if I can put it to any one thing….maybe its that I started training at a higher level of fitness (basically started partway into a half marathon training that I ran in September), or maybe it was the change to my fuelling strategy, but whatever it has been, it has really worked for me.

At any rate, now time to taper.  The distances and intensity of workouts will scale back thankfully, but that last week of the taper will actually start to ramp back up as the running for Dopey actually begins.  Really looking forward to getting there and getting started…I’ve wanted to try Dopey for a few years, and really glad to try it during the 5th anniversary weekend of Dopey, and the 25th of the Marathon!