Well another Monday comes, and that means another long run in the books.  This week was a “step back” week in my program training for Dopey Challenge 2018.  For those who aren’t aware, a “step back” week (as I call them at least) is where I get a break from the increasing milage in my plan, both in the long run, as well as the weekly distance, to allow my body a week “off” from the training push to recover.  So while I’ve been building the last two weeks, with 24 last week, 22 the week prior, this week was a step back to only 20km.  Next week I’ll get back to distance, with a 26km, then 29, then top out at 32, I’ll get a step back of 20 after that, then another 32…then start tapering for Disney.

This week was funny, because I was almost not looking forward to the step back in distance.  I’ve had an amazing time this training cycle, just destroying my long runs and my runs to date have left me with still tons of energy after I’m done, which is different than usual, as I have typically spent the rest of the day relaxing with my feet (literally) up and recovering from my runs.

So it was an easy, energy filled 20km, did a usual out and back from my place that luckily keeps me almost entirely on pathways/rail trail, or very low traffic roads…which I love.  Tried to keep the pace easy, but noticed that I consistently was keeping my pace about 10-15 sec/km faster than I was hoping….I’d consistently try to reign in my speed, telling myself to run slower, but every time I checked my watch or my km splits, I was noticing I was way faster than I was hoping to run – and actually found that I was speeding up over the last 10k of the run.

First world running problems for sure!!!  haha

Back into training this week, started intervals for the speed work last week, so those continue this Wednesday as well as adding an extra run this week on Thursday, so now the plan starts to get hectic.  Add into that the busy season at work…I’m in for a lot in the next month!