Really excited to finally have the first four videos up on the Active and Blind YouTube channel.  You can click or tap on the link in the top right corner of the social media menu to access the channel at any time!  The first videos posted are:

A+B Welcome – An introduction to myself, and an explanation of what my YouTube channel is about, and why I created the Active and Blind presence.

Massassauga 2017 – Video of the final canoe trip of 2017 my wife and I took in the Massassauga Provincial Park.

Bear Bell Guiding – Showing how bind/visually impaired people can use a simple bear bell to guide while hiking or portaging trails.

Dundas Valley Run 2017-10-29 – I took the viewer on a trail run in Dundas Valley with a GoPro mounted on my head.

I’m looking to post at least 1 to 2 videos per week, so please subscribe so you can be updated when new content gets uploaded.  Also, please like any videos you watch, and I enjoy reading any comments or feedback you have on the videos!

So once again, feel free to click or tap on the link in the social media menu at the top right of the screen.