Another late post, but my week has been all over the place!

Normally my long runs are on Sundays, but I had a really busy, long work weekend and really didn’t feel like running 28km on such tired legs, so postponed my run by one day and headed out Monday instead.

This was pretty much a repeat of last week’s 26km run, with just a bit more distance added onto the front portion to make up the extra few kms needed.  Weather was a great day for it, not too cold, about 5 Celsius, with a medium wind, bit of sun, so not a bad day running.

All in all the long run was pretty good, even on tired legs.  Once again, I tried not bringing any fuel along with me, and still finished off with a consistent energy feel throughout the entire run.  I wouldn’t say non-fuelling is something I’d recommend for everyone, but if you’re struggling with GI distress, it might be worth a shot!

Did bring along the GoPro, so if the footage is anything decent, look for me posting up a video of the run later today – I’ll post up some news in here if I get it up.

I’ve also been testing the AfterShockz Trex Titanium headphones for the past few weeks, so I’ll have a video review of those in the next week or so as well.  Short review, I really enjoy them for what they are and the qualities they bring.